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Ish Kumar Jain

Master's Student
Electrical Engineering, New York University



Welcome to my Home Page.
I am from India and currently pursuing my Masters in Electrical Engineering from New York University, Tandon School of Engineering. I have interests in the field of Wireless Communications and Networking.
I graduated from IIT Kanpur, India in 2016, where I completed my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. My undergraduate thesis is on Rendezvous Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Networks.


I have taken the following Relevant Courses.

Courses at NYU: Probability and Stochastic Processes
Internet Architecture and Protocols
Scientific Computing

Communications and Networking: Principles of Communication
Communication Systems
Digital Communication Networks
Topics in Distributed Systems
Convex Optimization
Wireless Communications

Signal Processing & Robotics:
Signals, Systems & Networks
Digital Signal Processing
Statistical Signal Processing
Image Processing
Selected Topics in Image Processing
Probabilistic Mobile Robotics

Statistics and Algorithms:
Probability and Statistics
Statistical & AI Techniques in Data Mining
Data Structures and Algorithms
Fundamentals of Computing


I have been involved in the following interesting Projects.

Research Project on Wireless Communication

Topic: "Analysis of MIMO Two-Way Decode-and-Forward Relay Network with Finite Feedback"
Supervisor: Dr. A. K. Chaturvedi, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.

  • Analysed the recent work on MIMO Two-Way Amplify-and-Forward Relay Network with Finite Feedback.
  • Studied, in detail, the MIMO Y Channels, its Precoding Design, Mapping and Diversity Gain.
  • Implemented Precoder selection criterion and Signal Space Alignment Techniques on Two-Way Decode-and-Forward Protocols.
  • Achieved Improvement in Diversity and reduced Symbol Error Rate(SER) verified by simulations.
  • Currently working on closed form mathematical expression for SER and Outage Probability.

Chameo (A colour Sensing and production device)

Electronics Club IIT Kanpur

Published : "Study of use of Water based Solvent in Ink Homogenization."
International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology. Vol. 3 - Issue 7, July 2014.

  • Studied the colour homogenization and its production with the use of water based solvent, through experiments.
  • Fabricated a device which can sense and produce same colour using different proportion of CMYK ink and solvent.
  • Hmm

Video on YouTube

Self Balancing Platform

Electronics Club IIT Kanpur

  • Made a platform which is balanced horizontally with the help of three motors, irrespective of the movement of the base at the bottom.
  • Used an accelerometer and gyroscope based IMU to get the feedback of the tilt of platform and processed the signal in an Arduino Mega.
  • Applied PID control and kalman filter algorithm to stabilise the platform obtained by precise movement of servos in real time

Video on YouTube


2 Metrotech Centre, 9th Floor, 9.131. Brooklyn, New York, NY, 12001.
Mail Id: ishjain [at] | Phone: +1 (347)-570-2502